Prime Minister Youth Skill Development Program




Government Polytechnic Institute for Women (GPIW) is a technical institute, affiliated with the Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education. It is one of the oldest technical institutions in Islamabad. Since its inception, GPIW has made remarkable progress in the field of female education.

Its campus is located in the heart of Islamabad, near Faiz Ahmed Faiz Metro Station in the vicinity of Allama Iqbal Open University and Survey Training Institute. It is spread over more than 30 Kanals of land and comprises of some of the most beautiful buildings

The GPIW started with two departments in 1982, each offering diplomas in Commerce and Electronics. Now it has four more departments, each offering diplomas in Computer Information Technology (CIT), Architecture, Dress Designing and Making (DDM) and Office Management.

The Institute is privileged to have highly qualified and devoted faculty with M.Phil and Masters from the best national universities. In fact it has faculty members with foreign trainings as well.

It has spacious classrooms/labs equipped with air conditioners, multimedia projectors and designed furniture etc.

The students and faculty is encouraged to carry on visits to the places relating to their professional interests as well as go for recreational visits in the form of groups under the supervision of the able faculty.


        The GPI (W) is a pioneer place of technical education for female students. It will develop into a citadel of our ideological mooring, national integration and technical know how. This institute ought to produce the females who can think intelligently in creating viable and practical solutions, leading to social development and overall betterment of the human race. The faculty of the institute tries to teach the female youth to face the challenges of life with honor, confidence and dignity.


The Mission of GPI (W) is to spread the light of technical awareness and knowledge of all modern technologies to every female of Pakistani society. We inspire technical curiosity, learning and a keen urge for further education and research. The Institute has a strong sense of national responsibility for teaching and training more than 50% population of the country to lead it towards economic independence which ultimately results in prosperity, integrity and solidarity of Pakistan.