About Us


Government Polytechnic Institute for Women is situated in Sector H-8, Islamabad. The objective of Govt Polytechnic Institute for Women Islamabad is to provide professional education to their students. Polytechnic Institute for Women Islamabad was established in 1984 with the main objective of providing determined and skill oriented education to the women folk of Pakistan. It became functioning in December 1984 in a borrowed building offering Diplomas in Radio, T.V, Electronic and Commerce originally. It started rising rapidly and became innovator in starting DAE (Computer Technology) for girls in 1992 at Polytechnic level in Pakistan.
About five hundred students are studying in six departments. The aim of Govt Polytechnic Institute for Women Islamabad is to provide mid-level expert education in specific fields to women and to donate to the financial output of women by communicating suitable short and long term courses and to provide boulevards for research with advanced approaches in technical education and Contribution of GPIW in Spreading /Promotion of Technical Education and in teamwork with NAVTEC and Polytechnic Institute. Some short courses of 3 months duration was arranged which are Beautician, AutoCAD, Office Automation, and Accounts Assistant.


        The Government Polytechnic Institute is a pioneer place of technical education for female students. It will develop into a citadel of our ideological mooring, national integration and technical knowhow. This institute ought to produce the females who can think intelligently in creating viable and practical solutions, leading to social development and overall betterment of the human race. The faculty of the institute tries to teach the female youth to face the challenges of life with honour, confidence and dignity. GPIW provides a ray of hope to the families of middle class and lower middle class to receive education within their resources and after the completion of their diplomas to live an honourable and financially independent life as a proud citizen of Pakistan.


“To achieve excellence in those technologies we choose to be in.”

The Mission of GPIW is to spread the light of technical awareness and knowledge of all modern technologies to every female of Pakistani society. We inspire technical curiosity, learning and a keen urge for further education and research. The Institute has a strong sense of national responsibility for teaching and training more than 50% population of the country to lead it towards economic independence which ultimately results in prosperity, integrity and solidarity of Pakistan.