This programme was launched with the collaboration and support of Ministry of Women Development Govt. of Pakistan, Govt. of Netherlands and International Labour Organization (ILO).

The aim of this course is to enhance the modern skills and knowledge in Office Management and secretarial practices to the girls seeking a respectable and professional career.

Earlier such a course was scarce. Today, this modern Office Management course helps one to groom in the managerial skills as well as entrepreneurship. Hard work and knowledge acquired in this course, both clubbed together, will help to develop skilled and efficient employees for a business venture.

The course provides the business world with multi-skilled knowledge workers who manage information efficiently, equipped with a comprehensive range of skills including managerial, technological (substantial computer applications) and communication skills. Individual performance is evaluated throughout the course and final Diploma is awarded after successful completion of the course and comprehensive test.

The candidates after the successful completion of the course can find excellent jobs in administrative levels in any organization.


Minimum two months internship after final board examination.


Scheme of Studies (Duration One Year)

Term I (15WEEKS)
S.No. Course Title Hours A Week
1 Business Mathematics 03
2 Computer Studies I 08
3 Functional English 08
4 Islamic Studies 01
5 Office administration I 07
6 Shorthand 06
7 Typewriting/word processing 06
Term II (15WEEKS)
S.No. Course Title Hours A Week
1 Business communication & correspondence 08
2 Computer studies II 08
3 Office administration II 08
4 Pakistan studies 01
5 Shorthand 06
6 Typewriting /word processing 06
7 Simulated model office with audio type writing 02


Term III (11WEEKS)
S.No. Course Title Hours A Week
1 Business English 10
2 Business Urdu 01
3 Computer studies III 10
4 Personnel management 10
5 Simulated model office with audio type writing 02
6 Shorthand 06