• The Principal of the institute is the controlling authority of the hostel, assisted by hostel in charge and the hostel warden, who attends to all matters of the boarders and assist them to derive full advantage of the hostel facility.
  • The institute hostel is available for eligible students. Owing to its limit capacity; this facility cannot be extended to all applicants. Neither does admission to Government Polytechnic Institute for Women, guarantee a seat in the hostel.
  • Applications for hostel seats will be entertained only once, at the time of admission. Students admitted as residents of Islamabad are not eligible for this facility at any stage. Relaxation in this regard can however be made in-case of parents’ transfer during an academic session, or some other genuine reason, subject to the availability of a seat, merit of the case and the principal’s discretion.
  • Applications of only those candidates will be entertained who are unmarried and have a local guardian residing in Islamabad, to be contacted in case of an emergency.
  • Applicants will be required to submit a medical fitness certificate signed by the Doctor of a government hospital.
  • To promote and maintain a congenial atmosphere in the hostel, the boarders will be required to observe a specified code of conduct, the details of which will be provided to each boarder at the time of admission in the hostel for strict compliance during her stay.